Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Archie Collection

I'm delighted to announce that the eBook version of The Archie Collection: Bringing Up A Puppy & The Post Puppy Years is now live on Amazon

There is a paperback version - I have the proof with me now - and I hope to release it soon. I have hit a technical hitch though, which the lovely people at Amazon are looking into as I type. 

It is my hope that the original book, All About Archie: Bringing Up A Puppy, has already helped some people make an informed decision as to whether to get a puppy or not. And if it has helped new puppy parents who have been finding their puppy harder work than they'd imagined - brilliant! 

With the publication of the new collection, I hope to reach even more people. My main aim has always been to try and help support anyone finding their new puppy overwhelming, just like I did back in January 2016. If you're in that position now, I say this to you: you are not alone. Keep going, because you'll come out the other side and have an absolutely gorgeous furry friend.

I have recently discovered a new (ish) website called Our Family Dog, which aims to educate and inform first-time dog owners, so it has been a pleasure to write a piece for the site, which you can find here

Happy reading!

Helen x

Monday, 26 August 2019

Summer Projects

This summer I've been concentrating on not one, but two collections. The first one is a merger of the Archie books, and it includes some new material. I'm delighted to say that it's almost ready to be released, bar a few last minute checks. Here's the cover, which I'm really proud of.😊

The second collection I've been working on is a merger of the four novelettes I have already published, and which includes a brand new novelette. 

I thought the collections wouldn't take long, a bit of cutting and pasting here and there, but I found myself getting confused, working on two at the same time. And working with a longer length in terms of checking all the formatting was more time consuming than I thought it would be. The remedy was to take a short break, and then to concentrate on one project at a time. 

I'm now on target to release The Archie Collection in early September. I'm hoping to release my collection of novelettes in late September, but it could slip to early October. We shall see, and as always, I will keep you posted.

Until the next time,

Helen xx

Thursday, 18 July 2019


Apologies in advance if this post sounds gloomy.

Lately I have been questioning my web presence. So many authors say you need a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a mailing list, and more. But do you?

With the algorithms the way they are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I find myself not reaching that many people with my posts. I had two pages on Facebook, one for posts about my dog, Archie, and the books I've written about him. The second page was for posts about my novelettes, which I've recently unpublished (the Facebook page that is, rather than the novelettes ha ha).

If you're an indie author and thereby having to do everything yourself, then keeping everything up-to-date on your various social media accounts, your website, and blog, can be time consuming. And it's a bit soul destroying if you're not reaching many people with your posts. How do you reach more people? Well Facebook want you to pay for ads. There's no budget for that Facebook!

Now from a reader point of view, I rarely look up an author's website, or blog. I don't sign up for newsletters. I simply search on Amazon to see if my favourite author's got a new book out.

I do enjoy following some authors on Twitter, and there-in lies the answer I think. I love Twitter. It's my favourite forum, so I think I will concentrate on that account more now. 

I will also keep the Archie page on Facebook, as I do have followers who post regularly and who seem to enjoy learning what Archie's up to. And I enjoy posting about him, and again, there-in lies the answer - to use the social media I enjoy.

For image-led social media, I had a short foray on Instagram, but I never really got it. I've still got an account on there, but I won't be posting for the time being - possibly never again.

I'm also on Pinterest, and although I'm not entirely sure how it works, I enjoy posting pictures on there, so I will keep the account.

As for the blog/website debate, I'm considering designing a website, but whether I'll have that and a blog I don't know. I will keep you updated regarding any future changes. And on that cheery note, I'll say goodbye for now.

Helen x

Monday, 24 June 2019

When four become five

My new novelette, Cassie's Choice, is coming soon . . . 😊

Friday, 10 May 2019

All About Laura

I'm delighted to announce that my latest novelette, "Laura's Embrace", is now live on Amazon. I love the cover - I think it's my favourite one to-date. At the same time, this cover turned out to be the most difficult one so far. To begin with, it took me a long time to find a photograph which I liked and which fitted with the story. Then it took several revisions. I find that you have to allow time to change your mind. You reach a stage when you think that's it, but when you go back the next day it doesn't look right. It was problematic getting the title to show on account of the flowers - they dominate the picture - but the white banner sorted that particular problem out. It's the first time I've used different colours for the title, and I think it works well. I say 'I', but my husband actually created the cover. We sit together, I tell him my ideas, and he also experiments, and eventually we come up with the final design.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, "Laura" used to be called "Love You and Leave You". The main character was called Jess, the story was written in diary format, and the cover depicted Big Ben and the River Thames. So I've made quite a few changes (to the blurb also), but the story remains the same:

"People who love me leave me.”

Laura makes a New Year’s resolution – to find her birth mother. She needs answers. What she doesn’t need is a relationship, so when things start getting serious between her and Rob, she does her best to hold back. Only Rob won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and Laura is torn. Will Laura find her birth mother? And will love find a way?

If anyone read "Love You and Leave You" I hope you'll take a look at Laura, and if the story is new to you - enjoy! It can be found here. It's currently £0.99 to download (less than the price of a cup of coffee as I always say), but if you've got Kindle Unlimited, it's free.😊

Have a lovely weekend and happy reading!

Helen x

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


It's the start of a new month and it's time to take stock. The last few weeks have been busy. My latest non-fiction book, More About Archie, is now available to buy in both eBook and paperback format. I'm in talks to get it turned into an audiobook (my second), but more about that in a later post.
I've also been working on my upcoming novelette, Laura's Embrace, part of my project to revamp all my old novelettes. "Laura" is number three. As well as changing the title and cover, I've re-written it in a proper story format, as before it was written as a diary. I got some good feedback from beta readers, so I'm hoping other readers will enjoy it too. I need to make some final checks, and finish the new cover, but I'm hopeful it will be published within the next week or so.

I've just started looking at my next project, which I already know will be called Cassie's Choice. It used to be called The B Word, and I never released it as a single title; it was included within a collection. It's funny how I already know the title of this one, when I struggled for ages for a title for "Laura". I've got plenty of other ideas and plans, but for now it's time to get "Laura" ready to be released.😊

Until the next time,

Helen x

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

More About Archie

"These days, life with Archie is a lot more relaxed, so much so that I have almost forgotten those difficult first weeks with him (almost, but not quite!)."

As well as working on my novelettes, I've also been working on a non-fiction book. It's the sequel to All About Archie, so guess what the title is? More About Archie, or to give it it's full title, More About Archie: The Post Puppy Years. 🐢😊

So what can you expect to see in the sequel? I loved writing about Archie in the first book, and I found I had more to share about life with a young dog. Plus, Archie wanted to have more of an input and, well, he’s the boss (or he likes to think he is). I was also thrilled to get some contributions from other puppy and dog owners, and so I'm hoping that fans of the first book will enjoy the follow-up just as much.

This book is also aimed at new puppy or dog parents and for anyone considering getting a puppy or a dog. Plus, I happen to think that Archie's travel journal is a fun read (it made me laugh anyway!).

I'm very excited to announce that the eBook version of More About Archie is now available for pre-order!😊 The official release date is 10th April 2019, but if you'd like to take a sneak peek, maybe even get it whilst it's £1.49 (introductory price), click here

Happy reading!

Love from Helen and Archie x

The Archie Collection

I'm delighted to announce that the eBook version of The Archie Collection: Bringing Up A Puppy & The Post Puppy Years is now live ...